Life moments captured and shared

When you share photos, unless you are showing off your photo-taking skills, likely what you really want to share are the stories.

While a photo shares a lot of information, it doesn't tell the whole story. There are always questions like when and where the photo is taken, and what it is about. Sometimes you can figure it out and sometimes the answers are just not there. It would be great if stories can be shared instead of photos.

If you take photos with your phone, which probably you do, sharing of your life moments using 1&9 Stories can be easy and instant. Your photos, old or new, are grouped into stories. Pick any one and a story page is created with a nice layout, complete with the story date and place, ready for sharing via email or Facebook. The best part, it is all automatic and right from your phone. Of course, you may choose to add photo captions and page notes if you do enjoy writing.

Life is meant to be shared, nicely with 1&9 Stories.

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